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B Brown

First off let me say I work on the computer from home so I find myself sitting with bad posture in front of the computer hour after hour. I have spent hundreds on random gadgets from their guns to neck Hamic‘s trying to treat the symptoms but I had never thought until someone mentioned to try and stop it from happening by fixing the cars. This arrived I think three or four days ago and I when I put it on it at first it does feel a little bit weird just because it’s taking years of bad posture and trying to correct it but I can already tail after just a few days that my body is adjusting to sitting up right and I’m not getting into the same bad slouch.

Rebecca Ellison

This thing is ah-ma-zing! Truly. Amazing.

I'm a teacher, and I realized my posture ahead gone down hill during distance learning and sitting at computer rather than walking around teaching. I bought this with the understanding that it would require effort only part if I truly wanted this to work. After 3 days of wearing for small increments at a time, consistently, my "effort" = putting it on and knowing when it's time to take a break as I get used to it (I think 2 hours worth of daily wear is the target, right? So, start with say 20 minutes, and build up as you can).

Yes, it is a most-simple design. Yes, when I opened the package, I thought this thing looks like someone just took the compartment of an actual backpack.

I followed the directions for how to wear, and voila. New me. I even had a coworker try it our because it sounded so bizarre. Coworker is buying one.

H. Fung

The product came three days back. It comes with three pads that are comfortable to use. You can see the photos for pads and straps. I had neck and back pain for a long time. I used to have sprayed for pain relief. One of my friends referenced me to use this product. When I first used this product, I was not much comfortable and convenient. When I tried this again, I feel it is better now, had some relief from back pain, and I am sitting straight. It is now the 3rd day. Maybe If I use continuously, I will get rid of this pain and get the correct posture. I loved the product and would also recommend it. The material is of good quality. This product reminds me to stay and sit upright. Money is worth it. I like it!