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Exercises with Resistance Bands

Exercises with Resistance Bands

1: Band Row – Standing

Attach your resistance band to something on the floor, such as a table leg or wall hook. Stand up and hold the handles with your hands, arms extended in front of your hips.

Pull back on the band, towards your abdomen with your hands, and then slowly return to the original position. Try to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

Band Row – Standing

2: Band Row – Low

Repeat the above, and stand with one side of your body angled towards the band. Grab a handle with one hand, arm extended in front of your knee and palm facing downwards.

Pull back on the handle towards your abdomen, and slowly return back to the original position, keeping your back straight throughout.

Band Row – Low

3: Band Row - Seated

Secure the arm band as above, and sit with your legs extended towards it. Grab both sides of the arm band over-top your knees, and keep your arms extended with your palms facing towards you. Pull the band handles to the side over your knees, towards your abdomen. Pull the band as far as you can without discomfort, and then return after holding the position for a few seconds.

Try to keep your back straight throughout.

Band Row - Seated

4: Band Back Fly – Standing

Secure the band at a height about elbow height off the ground, and stand up, grabbing it with your hands. Your arms should start off in front of your chest with your palms facing each other. Pull on the handles, and move your arms to either side of your body.

You should feel your shoulder blades and back muscles clenching. Return slowly to original position. Try to keep your back and arms straight throughout.

Band Back Fly – Standing

5: Band Back Fly – Lying

Secure the band beneath your foot, and lay on your back with your hands over your chest, feet angled perpendicular to your body. Pull the handles towards the floor, in the natural direction of your hands, keeping your legs at the same position throughout.

Slowly return to original position.

Band Back Fly – Lying

6: Band Back - Leg Extension

Secure the band to your feet, and kneel with your back straight. Grab the band with your hands, and pull upward on either side, as far as possible.

You should return to the starting position when your arms are parallel to the ground.

Band Back - Leg Extension

7: Band Crunches

Hold the band in both arms, and raise them upward, parallel to the floor. Pull outward, stretching the band while keeping your arms parallel, as far as you can.

Return to the original position after holding maximum position. Keep your back straight for this one. You should feel your back and arm muscles flexing.

Band Crunches

8: Band Pull-Ups

Stand with the band under your feet, and take a hold of either side while couched. Attempt to pull upward on the band, as far as you can while straightening your knees.

This will put tension on your back muscles as well as your legs. Try to keep your back straight for the duration of this exercise. Return to the original position when maximum tension is reached.

Band Pull-Ups

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to better health, great posture and improved confidence in no time. Take care, and remember to wear your back brace regularly for the best results.


Good luck!