Dear Customer,

We appreciate you purchasing our product and wish you success in your journey to better posture. Take the time to read or glance at the following instructions for a better idea on how to achieve amazing results with our back brace!

You’ve purchased our back brace as a means to correct your back posture, eliminate back pain and prevent excessive curvature of your back. A back brace can be used to provide your lower back with additionalsupport. In some cases, it can greatly improve or even eliminate back pain altogether. Your purchase can help you with all these goals when worn correctly. Please take a moment to read the following instructions and tips for how to use your back brace.

How to start wearing your brace: It’s recommended that you begin wearing your brace over shorter periods of time, 30-40 minutes at first. Beginning with shorter increments allows you to build up back strength over time. If you start wearing it for longer periods, it will not be comfortable and may dissuade you from further use.

How to adjust the brace: Position the brace so that the back strap is placed directly in the middle of your shoulder blades, and place the straps around your arms. Pull back on the back straps to tighten the arms. You should feel some resistance, but not enough to cause you pain. If the brace begins to hurt your back, lighten the restraints.

how to use your back-prosture corrector

How to continue to wear your brace:

Once you are comfortable wearing the brace for 30-40 minutes at a time, begin to progressively extend the amount of time spent wearing it by 5 minutes. Remember to take it off if it begins causing any muscle or back pain. It’s not recommended that you wear the brace continuously, meaning that you should take it off for sleeping, exercise and during longer periods of time.